Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Few New Things

I started weaving a scarf today. My project on the 8H loom is progressing....slowly due to shoulder considerations, but progressing...but, of course, I have other projects dancing around in my head and there comes a time when I need to finish something.

The yarns: three different weight handspun yarns. I had hoped the three weights would be closer, but I'm ok using them. All three are more or less DK weight.

The Sett: 10 epi.

The warp is threaded in straight twill...four threads of dark blue alternating with four threads of light blue. The weave structure is supposed to make cool, curly edged checks. If you squint at the photo and focus on the light blue sections you can almost see the curls.

So, now, the "new" stuff. The weaving pattern is a new one for me. Using handspun yarn successfully as a warp and weft is still new to me (and probably will be for some time!).

In warping the loom, front to back (my usual), I tried a new method of tying on to the front apron. The idea is to avoid having to adjust the tension of individual warp thread groups by tying them on in pairs of groups, and advancing the warp. So, I tied on the outermost bundles of threads first, in a square knot. Then, I advanced the warp one click. Then I tied on the next set of bundles, and advanced the warp. As I tied on the bundles, I made sure that each pair of bundles was as evenly tensioned as possible. And, it worked!

Lastly, I actually took a sample off the loom, cut it in half and washed one of the halves! I must be growing up or something! Sampling? Me? (I even wound extra warp so I could do this! Go figure!)

So far, I like my blue creation. I have no idea how it will end up, but it's good to have new projects and new techniques to try!

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