Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lace & Slippers

This is my first attempt at weaving Huck Lace. The sampler pictured here is from "The best of Weaver's Huck Lace". I'm using that book along with Handwoven Laces by Donna Muller as my references. With things like this, I wish I could weave faster! I really want to see what these weaves will look like off the loom!

I made a pair of slippers for my four year old. The red/blue fabric is a handspun wool that I wove into a sample. The blue/grey striped fabric is another sample piece. Now instead of little bits of fabric I have a finished object! Hooray for finished objects! (FYI, the heel is a piece of suede. I'm not sure why the pattern suggests just that small piece of suede. It was hard to sew the binding on it!)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Odds and Ends

My four year old pulled this book off the library shelf and said we needed to take it home. Who was I to argue--it looked interesting! The polymer clay caricatures in the book are amazing--so detailed, so life-like.

"Gollum" here is made with yellow & white Sculpey III polymer clay. It was the end of an old stash of polymer clay. I spent a pleasant hour at the kitchen table playing with him while the kids played and did homework. An extra half hour or so, and he was as done as he was going to get!

I learned lots of things about the human head by working on this guy--for instance, did you know how deep the eyes are set in the head? (I obviously didn't!)

After making this head, I had to purchase more clay--And it's a good thing I did too! My mother was visiting over the weekend and read the book and made her own head to take home with her! Her head even has a beret! Too Cool!

Curtains are almost finished! Do you recognize this fabric? I finally dug out my sewing machine and got these up on rods. All three sets need hemming, but I wanted to get them up before I tried to hem them!

And here is the "next" project (at least the next one I've photographed!) This is a wool quilt batt in muslin. I am tying the layers together with cotton yarn and will make a duvet cover for my four year old's bed.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Doll Trio

Fiber art happens here in odd ways. When my four year old says, "Mom, I'd like to make something. How about these yarn dolls?" what can I do, but say "Yes."?

The narrow side of a DVD case was the right size to wind these dolls. An inch of windings made the bodies and a quarter inch for the arms.

Aren't they great?!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pictureless Posts

This is yet another pictureless post! I hosted a fiber party on Friday and didn't even think to bring out the camera! Ann and Melanie came down from Lafayette. Brenda drove in from Darlington. And Goldie came with her beautiful wheel.

Most hands held knitting (but not me. I was finishing the second bobbin of burgandy for the sweater of previous posts). Brenda, Ann, & Melanie tied in the "Guess the fiber game" and we had to drawn a name out of a hat to see who got to take the hand-dyed roving home! Brenda won!

Thank you to all my fiber friends who help make this wonderful addiction so much fun!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


No picture to go with this post! The guild loom that I warped for use at an upcoming festival has already been delivered. And guess what? It turns out I warped it incorrectly! I didn't go over the back beam.