Tuesday, June 25, 2013


What have I been making?  These days I'm making a fair bit of yarn, but I haven't been taking photos.  I'm preparing skeins for evaluation by the Handweaving Guild of America's Certificate of Excellence program.  Everything is due in September.  I am close and getting closer, but every step requires work, self examination, and more yarn.

In the mean time, I've done a few other things.  I made some felted flowers after my husband's grandfather passed away. They are supposed to be forget-me-nots...I felted them on to ribbon to use as bookmarks.  I used two techniques and ended up with three distinct flowers.  The upper left flower with skinny petals started with five separate petals that I then connected to make a flower.  The other two both started with a felted circle where I made five cuts around the edge to form the petals.  The petals looked funny right after they were cut--very angular!--but the edges felted nicely into petals.
I also warpped and wove a baby blanket.  This is from 10/2 cotton sett at 24 ends per inch.  The weave structure is an eight harness huck lace.  It was fun testing the weft color/pattern position combinations to see what I liked best.  The blanket was woven at ~27" on-loom, then washed and seamed up the center.  I used the darker yarn and added a single crocheted edge.  I did learn that my beat is irregular.  The weft stripes didn't line up properly in the middle of the blanket. Next time I'll need to measure my stripes!