Friday, May 02, 2008

Ode to an old Friend

This is my old quilt. She's technically a douvet cover. I made her six years ago and she has lived on my bed year round since then. I have watched her age and fade and show signs of wear, and recently, watched her fall apart at the seams.

I finished taking my quilt apart today. The back and the lining will be reused in a new cover. The pieced top, while faded and falling apart on the boarders, I carefully folded and will save. Maybe one of the kids will need a patchwork skirt. Maybe we'll need a picnic tablecloth. Or maybe, I'm just not ready to part with this old friend.

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nikko said...

Sigh. So sad. I recently took the quilt off of our bed that DH's great grandmother made because the seams were coming undone. I didn't want it to fall apart.