Saturday, May 17, 2008

Something New

I am trying something new. I am weaving a shawl out of my handspun yarns. If all goes well, I hope to send the finished shawl to Afghans for Afghanistan.

The challenges:
Yarn. This is a random collection of handspun. None of it was intended for weaving. The wide bright pink stripes are the best(slightly thicker, slightly more tightly spun). The lighter pink I had to add some twist to, and the brown has a lot of sproing! So, three different yarns.
Yarn. This is a random collection of handspun. None of it was made in large enough skeins to weave a shawl. (Ha! And you thought I was just repeating myself! :) By adding a second brown yarn for the warp, I may have enough to get the requisite 62+ inches!
And, lastly, Color in Weaving. Some of you may remember I'm afraid of color. Sometimes I think I'm afraid of my weaving experiments. --Ahh. I need to modify that. I have no fear of the things I weave, I have fear that others will not like them, or will criticize the this or the that. Let me hide my weaving in the box of my house and I will not fear! Hopefully, this will come off as a respectable project and I won't have need of fear!

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Dorothy said...

That's a really special shawl, love the pink stripes, what a great way to use your odd skeins of handspun yarn.