Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Classes!

I'm so happy. The Fiber Event was this weekend and I spent two wonderful days taking spinning classes. Stefania Issacson (of Handspun by taught "Spinning Exotic Fibers: Alpaca, Llama, Mohair and More!" I had my hands on yak, mohair, guanaco, llama, alpaca (both suri and huacaya), great pyreenes dog, camel, and cashmere. My fingers are still on cloud nine from the cashmere!

Amy Tyler, of Stone Sock Fibers in Interlochen, Michigan taught "Creating the Yarn You Want"--a class on spinning any type of yarn and not letting yourself get stuck in a rut. It was amazing! We worked with at least 6 different types of fiber (mostly wool) and fiber preps while we went through a series of exercises designed to help improve our control over the end yarn. The best part of the class was the final challenge--we each spun a yarn (thick or thin) and passed a sample to our neighbor. Then we had to match our neighbor's yarn--size and twist! The trick was that none of the neighbor's had the same type of wool! I was using a Romney wool (mid-range) to match a Cormo (fine and springy!) wool. It was a challenge of the best sort and I loved it!

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