Monday, April 21, 2008

Survival of the Fittest

Remember theses? My just finished (ok, finished last month!) handspun, handknit cabled socks?

Well they went on an adventure this week! With the pain in my shoulder, my husband did the laundry this week. He's pretty good at stuff like that. But guess what fell out of the dryer as I was getting things out to fold...

Gulp! My socks. I almost cried. Not my brand new handknit socks. They looked a little crumpled. I had visions of them being felted beyond repair.

But, guess what! They still fact, they fit better now than before their adventure in the washer and dryer! Who would have guessed? I'm attributing their successful navigation of my laundry system to the fact that they were spun from Cotswold wool, a longer wool that doesn't felt well. Whew! I'm so glad they still fit!

Here are the amazing socks--a little wrinkled, but still the right size!

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Michigan Madsens said...

Wow!! Lucky you. Although you could have given them to the girls.