Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Little Something Extra

The Macomber 8H loom has some pre-drilled holes on the back beam supports. With a long dowel, some metal brackets, and some bolts we created a holder for the roll of brown paper that I put between layers of warp threads. Now the paper is up off the floor--hooray!

My weaving progress ground to a crawl this week due to a shoulder injury. I am getting better, but will be weaving very slowly for a while.

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cheriberi said...

I just found your blog and as a fairly new weaver, I find it very interesting! I'll have to try and figure out how best to add a "paper catcher" to my Norwood loom, similar to what you've done. While reading previous posts, I saw your comment in 2007(?) about "two rolls of brown paper set up so they rolled onto the backbeam without human interference". How did you do that? I find that the part I dread the most is winding on the warp. It takes me so long and I'd really love to get more information on how you've streamlined the process! Thanks! Cheryl