Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Not Again!

Yup. I'm at it again. This is the second 11-yard warp for front room curtains. No, I haven't sewn the first set yet. This is the fabric for the windows on the north side of the room. I'm not sure yet if it will be the same diamond twill pattern as the first set or if I'll just weave it plain.

Right now I have the entire warp measured and threaded through the reed. I'm close to the halfway point of threading the heddles (I am threading the diamond pattern, I just don't know if I'll use it yet!).

From past experience, I know that this is still the easy part of dressing my loom with a warp this long. Last time when I wound the warp on the back beam I had so many tangles that I had to painstakingly comb out the warp. This time I hope to have to do that less. I used a paddle to help separate the threads as I wrapped them on the warping board and I have been trying very hard to keep things tangle free (I know it doesn't look that way from the mess of warp chains, but I'm trying!!!).

Cast-On (a podcast for knitters--www.cast-on.com) episode #51 reminded me why I do some of this crazy stuff. I used to be a Camp Fire Blue Bird (similar to the Brownies/Girl Scouts) and part of the "Camp Fire Wish" --which I looked up after listening to the episode--contains the phrase "remember to finish what I begin". It's the only phrase I remember from the Wish. But I was so terrible at finishing things back then that it's the one I repeated the most! And so now, years later, I do crazy deeds like repeating the longest weaving I've ever done...because I want to finish the project I have already begun. :)

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