Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Frayed Knot

The handspun warp that I mentioned in my last post didn't take well to the motion of the beater. See how it is fraying? This yarn was not spun tight enough to hold together as a good warp should.

Here is the interaction of a frayed bit of yarn with its neighbors. It made getting a good shed challenging--not impossible, and not horribly hard--I could usually encourage the fibers to let go of each other by placing my hand or the shuttle in the shed and moving it back and forth.

Here is the shot off the back of the loom when I had two weighted replacement threads. By the end I had at least three weights and four or five threads that I was able to just knot back together. I eventually gave up on the weaving....the whole warp was slowly pulling apart!

But I like the finished piece! It is reasonably soft and has a nice drape--and I have no idea how I want to use it! I was hoping to get enough yardage to make a vest. I guess I'll just have to try again! :)

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