Friday, June 22, 2007

Handspun in Weaving

This is a first for me! I am using a handspun single for my warp and weft! I am impressed that the single is strong enough to work as a warp. I have had two threads pull apart, but it wasn't hard to repair them.

This yarn is from the first (and possibly only) raw fleece I purchased. It was a pain to remove the vegetable matter--yuck! But, it was a good test yarn. I have enough to do a good sized sample project (20"x60" on loom). The end goal is to explore the creation of woolen fabric to make my husband a vest to wear with his Lord of the Rings cloak. A secondary goal is to gain confidence with handspun so I can weave a scarf out of the fiber (now yarn) that my mom gave me when I first started to spin. It's been waiting patiently for a couple of years now! So far, I think there is hope!

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bspinner said...

Your scarf is wonderful!! Love the natural colors. Spinning singles for weaving sure can be a challenge. Good luck! Barb