Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A dyeing we will go...

It was another day for solar dyeing. Local temperatures were a little lower than the last day I did this, but I tried it anyway! Today I put a board covered with aluminum foil under my dye pots to increase solar reflection and put all my pots in big, clear plastic bags to help insulate them. Did I take any pictures? No! I was busy watching the kids play in the kiddie pool in the front yard! But the dyes just amaze me!

Green, purple and a touch of orange. This set was in my big roaster. I had to add some extra heat via the microwave at the end of the day because there was quite a bit of excess dye in the pot when I started rinsing.

Pink, purple, blue. This one was fun dye--I just poured the dye onto the fiber and let it soak in! The presoaked fiber was in a glass casserole (dyes only) dish with a lid.

Check on the rainbow colors! Each of these were dyed in my old canning jars (now dye pots). Color is so amazing!

And with all this dyeing going on, guess what is waiting patiently for its turn to become curtains!


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Rebecca said...

ooh la la. What fun colors! And I'm impressed with all that finished fabric...what a project. It'll be fun to see the curtains!