Sunday, July 15, 2007

Plain Weave Challenge

I have read that plainweave is not something for beginning weavers. It's harder than it looks!

The good news is that my selvages look ok. I'm really pleased with them!

Can you see the tracking? The reed is threaded 1-2-2-2 and the tracking matches with the single thread in the reed. Theoretically the fabric will relax and that will disappear when I wet finish it.

The frustration is that my throwing of the shuttle often (once every 3" or so) catches some of the wrong threads. If I catch it early enough I back up and fix the error. If I don't catch it, I've given myself permission to shrug my shoulders and call this a learning/imperfect piece. A friend thinks no one will notice (Ha!). I believe her enough to keep going and not kill myself over these imperfections...but I know they are there!

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