Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Power of Knowledge (and Experience)

The men and women of Wabash Weavers are amazing! Last time I put an 11 yard warp on this loom it took me at least a week to comb out all the tangles and get it beamed.

This time it took less than 1/2 hour! Some of the tricks I used: (1) a warping paddle to keep multiple threads from tangling as I wrapped them around the pegs on the warping board. (2) two rolls of brown paper set up so they rolled onto the backbeam without human interference (3) the "pullbackhard/snap" technique to straighten the threads from the warp chains.

Thank you all for your suggestions on improving the warping process! The last time was drudgery. This was bliss!

Here is the first few inches of weaving. As I went back to take this photo I discovered a threading error right in the middle of the piece. Hmm. What method am I going to use to fix this? (Tune in next time! :)

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