Saturday, December 30, 2006

This is the season

This is the season to work on all sorts of projects! These two displays are of fleeces that won prizes at a fair this year. The idea was to present an idea of the raw, washed, spun, and knit fleece. The pictures aren't great, put you can see some of the bits.

I didn't take a spinning wheel on vacation this year. I figured that if I really needed it I could borrow one. But I didn't. I finally picked up my Mom's old CD-drop spindle, added some fiber and spun. And it worked! I can now say I know how to drop spindle! And then, of course, I had to try and improve the spindle. The rubber had hardened and cracked, so it really *needed* to be fixed.... Ok, so perhaps I'm just a tinker-er searching for a project! At any rate, I made some salt dough and formed some whorls, used the dremel (spelling?) tool to get the center hole the right size, added some wood glue, and viola! New drop spindle!

The spindle, and a bit of roving, were left in my mom's capable hands. She showed me her first bit of yarn....about 2' of nice, thin, even spinning! Way to go, Mom!

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