Sunday, December 10, 2006

Remember this?

I tried. I really tried.
But it didn't work.

The beautiful hot pink/variegated yarn will have to wait. I even tried knitting it into a hat, and that didn't work...yet! I may try a different pattern soon.

With a pair of helping hands, I re-wrapped the warp threads around the back beam. This time I carefully inserted stiff paper spacers. Do you remember all those times people have told you to use spacers to keep your tension even? Well, it's true! The tension was much more even with the paper wrapped in with the warp.

This time, I chose a 2/1 (or is it 1/2 ?) twill for the weaving structure, hoping to show off more of the warp threads. The twill weave worked ok. I was using the extra yellow shuttle to pick up the warp threads and make a shed for each pass of the weft. It wasn't so hard.

But, the purple weft looked grey against the colors in the warp and I didn't like it enough to continue for the 2 yards of warp.

So, on to other projects! The best part about this experiment was that the warp was never cut--this is a peg-type loom--so all I lost was some time, and I gained a better understanding of warp and weft color interactions! Hooray for experiments!

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