Sunday, December 17, 2006

Somewhat Random Finished Objects

Remember these? As a girl my mom taught me to make these simple braided toys as gifts. Now my daughter is learning to make them. This one was mine (I had to see if I remembered all the steps to make them!).

And these are my almost perfect "Magic Stripes" socks. I checked my positioning in the repeats as I started, but I was off--perhaps by less than 12". Ahh, well. I was just glad to get them finished and washed, dried and in the mail. For the record, socks amaze me! The first sock took days, maybe even a full week or two. The second sock was done (start to finish) in two days! Deadlines help, but I still believe that second socks knit faster than firsts!

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Melissa said...

when you wrote about it in your weekly letter, I had no idea what you meant. I never made these, but I do remember making it's "cousin": yarn dolls. I'll have to give these a try, now that I have a picture to work from ;)