Sunday, March 29, 2009

The End of an Era (sort of !)

My turn with the little structo loom has come to a close. I borrowed it months ago to do preparations for a presentation on double weave. The presentation is done, the sample warp- that was on the loom for the meeting-has been woven, and it's time to return the loom.

Here are some photos of the bag that the sample warp became. It's based on a tutorial by Doni, with double weave fabric. The long, thin strip of fabric is not cut to make the bag. It's wrapped in a coil (more or less) and seamed.

The pattern doesn't work very well on the bag--I expected the bag to be square/square column, showing just one width of the fabric. Instead it's more of a flat, 2-dimensional piece that is two fabric widths wide.

It would work better to have the pattern line continue across the seam. Doni's bags are all plain fabrics. That's probably a much better way to do this bag! :)

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