Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Little Knowledge

I was sitting in a photography class with the 12-18 year old girls at church. The instructor provided two pages of notes dealing with f-stops, ISO, shutter speed... And all I could think of was, "But I just have a point and shoot digital camera!"

Well, I took the instructor's comments to heart, dug out my camera's manual, and learned that I have lots to learn about my camera!

I have a Cannon PowerShot A400. It's a little old. It's a little slow. But, wow! It can do things I didn't know about! Sepia, black and white, portraits, night scenes... There's even a way to adjust many of the settings the instructor focused on! Wow!

My three year old was a good sport and let me take many pictures of her. I like this "open composition" (see, Kelly! I was paying attention!) of her in sepia.

My asparagus let me play around with the rule of thirds. See how the tall spear in the back is on a (almost!) 1/3 line and the smaller spear in front is on another 1/3 line? Whoo-hoo!

And then, I do have fiber content! I pulled out a tub of spinning fiber to prepare for some drum carding...and discovered a Shetland wool sampler. Off came the spinning that has slowed down, and on went the dark wool. The old bobbin and roving snuggled up beautifully for this parting shot:


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Great pictures. Is a new hobby emerging?

Ritsumei said...

Yay photography! I love picture of your munchkin! The wool, also, as always, is beautiful.