Monday, January 19, 2009

Diamonds in the Rough

I am making a vest for my great aunt. Can you see the diamonds in the fabric? The yarn is a 10/2 bamboo (natural color). It is so soft!

The vest is woven in one piece from the back waist to the shoulders, then a second shuttle is introduced and the fronts are woven at the same time from the shoulders to the waist.

This is a new technique for fact, weaving for clothing is a new thing too! ..The technique is based on some ideas from Paula Simmons in "Spinning for Softness & Speed".

The weave structure is a 8-harness huck lace pattern called "Eight-Shaft Huck Lace Diamonds" by Susan Harvey.


Ritsumei said...

I think that's one of my favorites that I've ever seen you post. It's lovely! And soft... that's always a huge factor in what I like. Soft is good.

Ritsumei said...

Didn't you have some sort of shawl project that you were contributing to a while back? What was it called?

Martin and Jessica said...

It was a shawl project through Afghans for Afghanistan. They have a website--


Ritsumei said...