Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas (again!)

This post might also have been titled "ME! I finally made something for ME!"...

This is the pair of fingerless mitts I made from the roving "Santa" left in my Christmas stocking. I spun the wool into a 3-ply yarn ( I was very pleased with myself....I read Abby's post about plied yarns and their uses and I intentionally made a 3-ply yarn to show off some cables--'cause I love cables!)

The pattern is by Carissa Browning and is available on Ravlery. I modified it slightly to work with the gauge of my yarn.

(For the record, I chose to make fingerless mitts so I can wear them and drive. I know that regular mittens are too slipery for me to use while driving. The mitts do leave my fingers a bit cold--I wore them on a road trip yesterday--but I think they might work for driving! :)

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Ritsumei said...

Those are cute!

My sister wore that shawl to church today (kinky tassels & all, since I haven't had a chance to block it) and I think I've started a trend: Maulbeere was thrilled when I offered to make her one out of the leftover yarn, and Mom asked if I'd do one for her if she got me the yarn, and in addition to that one of the Sisters in the ward wanted to know how it was done so she could knit her own. So I figured out my needle size this evening & I'll send her a message so she knows how it's done. Not a bad debut for a second knitting project ever! (That's not even quite done!)