Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sample Collection & Scarf

Here's my latest scarf. It's an "accidental" finished object. The real project was this multi-colored X & O scarf. The front and back were so different that I decided it wouldn't make a good scarf and turned the warp into a sampler.

The finished scarf is made with an acrylic warp and a faux fur yarn as weft in plain weave.

The original scarf was a rayon slub single for the weft. I really like the colors! I may yet use this fabric for .... I'm sure something will come to mind!

Here are the other two bits of the "sampler". The red, pink and green stripes on the left are from a hand-dyed and hand-spun wool (aka. a failed warp from Dec. '07). The yarn on the right is actually a hand-dyed, hand-spun wool yarn that was knit into an I-cord. I used it in plain weave. The other yarn was woven in the MW pattern that makes the x's and o's.

More yarns...from right to left: a highly textured novelty yarn (cotton/acrylic blend), 5/2 mercerized cotton, handspun wool (sport weight), I don't remember the blue-ish stripe, but the green is a mercerized cotton...maybe 20/2. The last stripe is the knitted I-cord from above.

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