Monday, January 07, 2008

A little Batty

With temperatures above 40F I have been able to get the drum carder out in the mud room/porch and prepare a new blend of spinning fibers!

This is commercially processed roving (I think it was a Romney fleece) blended with hand washed and carded mohair locks. The roving was a brownish-grey and the mohair was a black and silver-grey mixture. I used about 75% wool and 25% mohair.

It spins up pretty nicely. This is about 1 ounce. I have 5 more batts to spin and then it will be time to debate about dyeing. I could leave them brown/grey and do a simple cable sock....or I could do 20 yard skeins and paint the yarn for self-striping socks. Hmm. Natural colors may win for this batch!

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Nancy said...

Jessica! How nice it was to receive your letter in the mail today and to catch up a little on you and your family! Best of all was to discover your blog, so now I will have no excuse for being unaware. (Did you hear me thinking about you the other day???)
Tomorrow morning is Spinners' Flock and I am looking forward to getting back there for some serious spinning. We miss your presence and seeing the beautiful work you do, close up and personal.

Nancy JC H