Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Project & Angle of View

This is my latest weaving project. It is a twill pattern with a 18 thread repeat pattern. It looks so cool! The warp is "100% acrylic" 2-ply and the weft is a rayon slub yarn.

I often invite (pull, push, require) my husband to come look at my latest project. He knows how to say the right "oo's" and "aahs". With this project he noticed the O's in the weaving, but spent a lot of time discussing the color variation of the weft. I had him move from right in front of the piece off to the side where the light was. "Oh, wow!", he said. All of a sudden the weave structure was much more apparent than the color!

Here' a series of photos taken to show some of what he saw. The light by my loom comes from a fluorescent ceiling lamp and is to the left of the loom. That is "angle #1". The light bouncing off the weft highlights the weave structure and makes it look incredible! (All these photos were taken without a flash so the room light would be the biggest influence on pattern visibility.)

This is the image taken straight on--as if sitting down at the loom to weave. The pattern is still visible, but it doesn't pop-out as it did from the first angle.

And this is from the far right of the loom--the side opposite the light. --Where did the weave structure go? The pooling effects of the weft are all I can see from this angle.

Who would have guess that lighting and angle of sight would make such a difference in the appearance of a fabric!

And, just because the fabric is different on the front and the back, I laid on the treddles and took this shot looking up at the back of the fabric! --Isn't weaving incredible!?!

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Benjamin said...

It is amazing what angle and light can do. I so enjoy playing with light with my work. May I recommend changing your florescent overhead light for a couple of CFL light bulbs in freestanding lamps. They will give you more light, cheaper and without the headaches that florescent bulbs tend to give.