Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Little Knitting

I've started two new knitting projects: a 3x3 cable sock from "Sensational Knitted Socks" and the "Oak Leaf & Acorn" scarf from Fiber Trends.

But, check out the weaving text behind my cabled sock. It's new to my weaving guild's library...and it's a wonderful book!

There are photos of both front and back of the pieces, photos with various color combinations of weft, photos with various warp color threadings!

I think I may need to get my own copy of this book...but until then, I love my guild library!

This is 1.5 repeats of the oak leaf section of the scarf. This one may take me a while to complete. Lace takes patience and clear thinking for me...two things I don't always have when it comes time to work on projects!

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Ritsumei said...

Looks like you're having a blast! I looked for some weaving guilds, but apparently there aren't any around here. I'm trying to talk Andy into coming down for the Feast sometime, but we haven't nailed down when yet.