Monday, April 30, 2007

Color my world...

Red, blue, purple, yellow, green...pick a color, any color! I had fun tonight mixing and preparing dyes! These are acid dyes that I purchased from The Woolery last year. My blue and yellow are close to the outermost ring of color on the colorwheel (from Deb Menz's "Color in Spinning"). My red is more of a magenta.

I started with three stock solutions--red, blue, & yellow. All the other colors are combinations of two stock solutions in 1:3, 1:1, or 3:1 ratios. I made a big table in my notebook to help keep things straight. This way I could make up each stock solution, pour it into the bottles, and rinse the container.

It's a bit scary to dye in my new kitchen. I don't want to make a mess! I kept a bucket of bleach water in the sink and worked hard to wipe up drips as they occured.

Here are my dyes in their bottles posing for a colorwheel shot. I have yet to test the colors (I didn't remember to do it until mid-clean up!), but they look pretty in the bottles!

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