Thursday, April 05, 2007

Off the Cuff

My great-aunt is here visiting. Last night we needed a project. I asked a few questions, we dug around in my stash of yarn, did a few calculations, and lo and behold: a scarf to take home with her!

The sett is 10 epi. The brown is a fine polyester single--somewhat prone to fraying! The gold is somewhat thicker with regular slubs in it.

I'm working on improving my photos with a "light box". The basic idea is that diffuse light makes for a better picture. This picture is nice (I took it at night with a flash). I did some color correction using Paint Shop Pro, and am pretty pleased with the outcome.

Just for fun, here are my calculations for the scarf. I have a white board in my workroom which gets used for all sorts of lists. It's a good place to write when I want to be able to see it while I weave.

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