Sunday, April 29, 2007

K'nex wheel

One of the reasons why my loom is only partially warpped is this find at a garage sale. I got a tub of k'nex for a dollar. As soon as they had been washed my son and I started to play. He made spaceships and I made a spinning wheel.

Hmm. Let's rephrase that: He made spaceships and I attempted to make a spinning wheel. I was trying to do an accelerated quill wheel (ala walking wheel with miner's head). I was not successful.

This picture is attempt #2, made with help from my husband. It is also non-functional. I don't know why I'm set on making a functional spinning wheel, but I keep trying. I am learning lots and lots (much of the learning is discovering how much I don't know!). Maybe one of my next iterations will bring success!

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