Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Pin Weaving/Needle Weaving

My weaving guild is working on a group project for MidWest Weavers Conference.  I'm working on weaving some flags.  I considered a number of different four harness weave structures for the flags and wasn't excited about any of them.  I almost put on a warp for monk's belt--it would have worked really well for the USA flag above, but not for the Union Jack that I still need to do!

So I turned to pin weaving.  I have Handwoven Magazine (Mar/April 1994) that has an article by Nancy Sutton on weaving a patch with a needle on a loom made from pins and cardboard.  I was out of cardboard, but happened to have a piece of foam, so I am learning to "needle weave", although I call it pin weaving.

One of the most interesting things I am learning is that I am not (yet?) a tapestry weaver.  The loom was a breeze to create!  I made a graph paper cartoon, added the pins, and some warp thread, and was ready to weave.  I started weaving.  And I wove.  And wove.  And wove.  The photo above took me the better part of a morning.  Argh!

From the standpoint of getting the flags I need, without a lot of loom waste and without having to either re-thread or rewarp the loom, this is working.  And I think they will look nice in the finished project.  It's just that they aren't done yet.  And I'm not very patient today!

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