Sunday, February 24, 2013

Felted Friends--Puppets and Puppet parts

 Meet Don.  Don was named by my youngest when she was home from school with a tummy bug.  Don was just a head on a stick at that point.  I was busy felting fingers and hands while my little girl watched movies with a bucket at her feet, just in case.  During the scary parts of the movie she would ask to hold "Don" (he really was just a head on a stick at that point! :)  He was good company.

His hands and head are 100% needle felted wool.  His robe is handwoven fabric from my collection.  It's a cotton warp with recycled yarn for the weft.

 Here's Don playing at the piano.
And here's the latest individual to join my needle felted collection.  I've been calling this head "Marlene".  She has features that remind me of all sorts of people I know.  Her hair is pulled back in a french braid.  Her hands are small--so dainty compared to Don's!   I've been toying with the idea of making her outfit to include a pullover vest.  Right now she has joined the other heads in my collection and is just awaiting the right moment to be finished.

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