Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Guitar Strap

This pile of pieces is what I finally got to work on today!  My daughter got guitar strings for her birthday last month and she has been practicing regularly with the big guitar on her knee.  I promised her a handwoven strap...I even found a strap in my stash--it's based on one of the samples I have and combines an open weave like huck with a inkle-like central band...Even better, the strap is pink, which is a favorite color for my daughter!  
The challenge from the last couple of weeks has been the acquisition of the metal slider piece.  The strap is 2.25" wide and most slider pieces I have found max out at 2" inner diameter.  After consulting with my co-workers/volunteers at Conner Prairie and searching in vain at the thrift store, I sent a schematic to my husband to see if he had some scrap and could make a piece.  He could and did! 
 Hooray for people with tools and scrap metal!

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