Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Acid Dyes on Wool

Oh, I'm a happy camper! I have two stacks of beautiful rovings! This was my first opportunity to dye after taking a class with Rita Petteys (see my previous post on the class).

These are wool rovings-one coopworth and one Romney. The dyes are acid dyes from Pro Chemical.

The rovings were soaked in warm water and vinegar for 30 minutes, then the water was spun out (hooray for my salad spinner!) and the wool was laid on plastic wrap on my table.

The dyes were all in squirt bottles and I squirted them in bands across the wool.

After putting a top layer of plastic wrap on the wool, I used my hands to smoosh (technical term!) the dye into the wool.

The wool/plastic sandwiches were rolled into bundles and steamed for 30 minutes.


I think they are super pretty!!


Benita said...

They are super pretty - are you going to spin them or sell them? I'd love to see what the resulting yarn looks like! I love the softer colors. Bravo!!

Jessica said...

I think these are going to be mine. I too am anxious to see what the yarn will look like--seeing the yarns will help me decide how to do my next dye experiments!