Saturday, June 26, 2010

BitterSweet--Nilus sold

I should be jumping up and 4 shaft Nilus Leclerc loom has sold! I must admit that I really liked that loom and I will miss it. If I had been using it more (it hasn't been warped in months!!) I would not have considered selling it.

It sounds like the loom will be going to a good home. It will again be a "first loom".... May you have many happy weaving days, Jeane!

The sweet part of this sale, was warping the loom one last time. I had an extra warp (would you believe I wound twice as much as needed for a project?) and threaded it in an advancing twill.

Wow!! Advancing twills are beautiful! I can't wait to do more!!

My upstairs workspace is much smaller now...

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Barbie Madsen said...

wow these are awesome!! You are so talented!