Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's a rug!

In the middle of some cleaning I came across two boxes of yarn. The boxes were labeled as yarn, clearly labeled. So why did I shake my head at the discovery that they were really yarn?

Well, I thought that I was finally getting my stash (with my grandmother's additions to it) under control. I thought that it was all in one room.

I was wrong.

But, after staring at the contents of the boxes for a day, I knew why I had saved these yarns. I liked the colors. The yarns weren't exciting (mostly acrylics), but the colors were ones I really like. Sigh.

Oh, well. The good news is that I have used some of the yarn. I warped with rug yarn (cotton/acrylic blend) to do a turned-rosepath rug based on a design from Handwoven.com. I used pindrafted roving as my weft.

I modified most of my plans as I wove, but I like the way the rug turned out. I think it's going to become part of my bedroom decor!

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Michigan Madsens said...

Very pretty!! I like the colors as well.