Sunday, August 24, 2008

Huck Lace Gift

A friend of mine is getting married soon. I made this bag as a bridal shower present. It's a straight piece of huck lace (based on Kristen Kelley's design in the Mar/April 2008 Handwoven) that has been sewn into a drawstring bag.

The weaving yarns (warp and weft) are a 6-ply rayon from Webs. The structure is sections of 5-thread Huck lace with plain weave separating them.

The bag is lined with a peachy/orange fabric--maybe a polyester or acetate from my stash.

Here is the gift all wrapped and ready for giving. Do you like my choice of ribbon? It's a skein of yarn that I made after taking a spinning class. There are at least four different colors and kinds of wool in the skein. It's colorful, and soft...and I figured it would get made into something useful!

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