Sunday, June 29, 2008


I'm almost done with a dress for my almost eight year old. It's pinned and ready to be hemmed. The skirt is for me...

I don't sew much for myself. My children get odds and ends sewn for them--I love resizing t-shirts for them, shorts and pj's are easy--but I haven't ever done much for myself. I have a pretty piece of drapey fabric that I want to use for a skirt, but I was so uncomfortable sewing for myself that I had to make a "muslin" skirt first. So, the tan/golden brown skirt is for me. The drapey fabric one will be different, but making this one boosted my confidence!

This dress was sewn by my mother for my baptism when I was eight years old. Mom got it out to show to my daughter while we were visiting, and it turned out to be the right size, so she is going to wear it when she gets baptized in July.

There is a lot of emotion tied up in textiles--my son was blessed in the clothes his father was blessed in; I wore my mom's wedding dress... They're just clothes: fiber woven into cloth, sewn into shapes...but somehow, in all that, is something that makes it special... And I think the connections are neat!


Michigan Madsens said...

I'm excited about this white dress for Alia. Every girl needs "three white dresses"


nikko said...

I agree -- connections are neat. If I had a girl, I was going to cut up my wedding gown to make her blessing dress. Oh well. ;o)

I think your sewing has turned out wonderful!