Sunday, June 01, 2008

This and That

I've warped the Macomber and am weaving away on my second shawl for the Afghans for Afghanistan rectangle shawl project. The yarn is 100% alpaca from Syne Mitchell at WeaveCast.

The alpaca yarn is so soft...but it's a bear to work with at this sett (18 epi) as the yarn is starting to pill and the pills catch on the adjacent yarns and require extra work to separate the threads for a good shed.

I'm almost halfway done with the shawl, so I'm not going to unweave it (oh. I'm using a fine 2-ply wool as the weft), but when I'm done I think I'll put on a narrow piece and make two samples--one with the 18 epi sett and one with a 12 epi sett. (I do wish I'd learn to do this before I get into a project!!!!).

Here's a close-up so you can see the black weft.

And this is the oddball part of this post: my garden is growing!!! These are just two of my painted daisies. I had enough blooming that I cut these and brought them inside for the house! Hooray for beautiful flowers!

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Michigan Madsens said...

Gorgeous painted daisies!! Gardens are great.