Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Only Yarn

No photo of this minor disaster. My scissors were sitting on the loom where I was sleying the reed. I got up to take a break and play with the kids. I returned to the loom, sleyed the last bit of warp...and noticed some breaks in the first set of warp threads. Then I noticed more "breaks". A significant number of clean-cut scissor type breaks. There is a reason why I didn't want to leave my scissors out on the loom.

I took the culprit away from her toys and sat her on my lap (she was howling at this point...I think she knew she was in trouble) and told her there was a problem and asked her to help me fix it. She stopped crying long enough to look up when I asked her to be my helper. We took the cut section of warp off the loom, and I took her back upstairs to her toys.

It's only yarn. It was at the edge (not the center) of the warp. It's only yarn. It's only yarn. It's only yarn.

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Michigan Madsens said...

Good job, Mom. It's tough not getting mad, but learning how to fix a problem will leave a lasting impression.

Mom M.