Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Here's the latest bit of weaving. It's an purple sparkly warp with a few threads of a boucle added for visual interest. There are two different weft threads in the test bit I've woven. I like the look of the loose warp.

Unfortunately, this warp is likely to be cut off. I wove all of three inches yesterday due to terrible sticky warp issues. --Look at this picture! The boucle threads separate easily from the purple...but the purple sticks to itself terribly!

There are a couple of fixes I could try, but right now I'm not sure it's worth the time and effort. The boucle isn't as pretty as I had hoped. I could just cut it out, but then I'd have a plain purple warp.... The decision make process is more complex since this warp was going to be used for demonstration weaving.... Deep sigh.

On other fronts, I bought some Bambu7 from Tabby Tree Weaver last week. I dyed half the yarn cherry red and am looking to warp up a scarf. The yarn is soft and silky (even after dyeing!). This stuff feels nice!

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