Saturday, December 01, 2007

Steeking Success!

This is a close up of the sewing job I did on my daughter's sweater. If you remember, I chose to knit it in the round to avoid color/dye lot issues. I knit 4 stitches in the armhole space, then did two rows of straight stitching with the sewing machine on each side of the 4 stitches, and then (gasp) cut my knitting!

After the sleeves were knit (I picked up stitches around the armhole and knit the sleeve onto the body) I trimmed the yarn around the machine stitching.

Then I picked up more knitting stitches and created a little cover for the "fringe". This photo has about two rows of knitting on the needle. (I forgot to take a photo as I picked up the stitches!)

And this is what it looks like after I knit 4 rows, cast off, and sewed the cover down. No more fringes on this sleeve!

All that's left now are buttons and the afterthought button holes. I have no idea what kind of buttons to use! Any suggestions?

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