Sunday, December 16, 2007

Camera? What camera?

I thought I reverted to my pre-digital self and didn't take pictures of my work. Fear not! I really didn't forget!

This is my handspun warp of many colors. It is made up of three different skeins of yarn (all hand-dyed)--forest green, lime green, pink, burgundy, a touch of yellow... I measured each warp on the warping board, sprayed it with spray starch (these are singles. I was worried they might not hold up to the tension required of warp threads), and then warped front to back.

My sampling to date has been uninspiring. The white diamonds looks good on the reverse, but it's too different on the two sides for a nice scarf. The black...I like some of the black, but again it has two distinct sides. The third and fourth colors (added after this last picture) are a handspun natural tan/grey and a commercial wool/acrylic blend. The blend looks terrible. The tan looks ok--in fact the tan shows off the warp colors the best. But I'm not excited about spinning more yarn to do this project!

I may be taking the yarn out of the reed and using it as a card weaving warp. At least that way you could see the pretty colors in the warp!

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Marie said...

How about doing plain weave and using a fine black yarn/thread for the weft. That should show your dyed warp beautifully!