Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Dangling What?

Add this to my list of loom experience...I forgot to latch one side of my back beam after I warped. It didn't cause any trouble until I adavanced the warp, then it skewed my warp slightly. Dooh! At some point I stood up and looked at the loom and realized that the brace wasn't on it's peg, and fixed the problem, but the lining of this little bag suffered from severe tracking issues!

Here are the rest of the bags I've been working on. They are all gifts, and I've finished them just in time!

The fabrics, with two exceptions, are samples or scraps of handwoven fabrics. Anyone recognize my curtains? The black-ish bag near the center is a new piece woven just for this bag project. The solid blue at the left is a recycled sweater sleeve (from one of my favorite old sweaters).

Merry Christmas!

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