Thursday, November 16, 2006

While this doesn't look like fiber, it is related to my fiber interests! I have been introducing two friends to spinning. One has her own wheel, a nice Ashford; the other has none, and no extra funds to get one. Spinning with a wheel is too amazing to let a simple thing like money get in the way! So, I've been planning and concocting, and my husband has listened to iteration after iteration of this, until I finally hit on something that had the potential to work.

The hardware (wood, bolt, washers) cost me less than eight dollars. The work involved required a hacksaw and a drill. The flyer is an extra that I don't use very often. Viola! A second, inexpensive spinning wheel.

But don't call the press yet. I haven't found a drive band that I like yet. And it's tough to treddle. And I wouldn't let my friend take it home with her today. Having to fight a wheel would take the fun out of spinning.

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