Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Off the loom

The latest sampler is complete and off the loom! The selvages weave in and out with each yarn change. The warp is roughly 5/2 cotton. My finest weft is thinner than 10/2 cotton, and my bulkiest is a handspun wool 2 ply that is at least a worsted weight yarn.

What is missing in the photograph is the touch and feel swatches. Each of the different wefts produced a unique feel for the fabric. The temperature here has dropped to the thirties, and all the rayon sections felt cold, and all the wools were warm and snuggly. Some of the thin wefts produced a drapey fabric. Some of them, like the grey boucle in the middle are scratchy and unpleasant.

Now it's time to do the finishing...I have to decide if I want to separate the different sections before or after washing!

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