Thursday, July 18, 2013


Check out the beautiful yarn that came to my home today!  Let me introduce you--blog readers, this is "Nepeta".  Nepeta, these are my blog friends.  :)  There.  Now we can all be friends!

Nepeta is a gift.  I follow Robin Edmunson's blog "Rurification".  She lives in southern Indiana.   Her posts are often about the process of becoming rural.  Every now and then we get a "guess who left the poo" post; there are often posts about plants (and things to do with them in season!); there are jams, dyeing, creating....Lots of wonderful things! I often try some of the things from her blog--things like making jelly from the berries on my field and throwing away the bitter seeds or putting chive flowers in white vinegar--that one sure made my little one smile (it turns the vinegar pink, her favorite color!).

This July she has been doing several give-aways from the blog--right now you can get a copy of her new jam book. I've seen the preview--it's a beautiful book!   I passed on some of her earlier give-aways, but I couldn't pass up the chance to win these yarns!  So, I entered the contest....

And am thrilled and floored that I won!

Thank you, Robin, for the gift of Nepeta and thank you for your wonderful blog posts!

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