Friday, July 05, 2013

Challenges with Finished Sewing Projects

Original pants with seams marked to make a pattern.
It all started with a pair of pants, a Craftsy class, and me.

I signed up for "Jean-ius" at and successfully copied my favorite pair of pants.  I was so excited!     My husband took some photos for me and I was going to post them to the blog.  That's when it hit.

"It" is the challenge of loving myself for who I am and appreciating the fact that I have a functional body.  The pants photos didn't do that for me.  I fell from the wonderful high of accomplishment down to a low of not fitting the runway
model mold.

A few days have passed.  I haven't worn my new jeans yet.  Maybe I'll break them in on Sunday after church.  After all, they are new--I don't want to wear them outside for weeding just yet!

Daryl Lancaster wrote a nice post about sewing with handwovens recently and referenced a weavezine column she wrote a few years ago.  Know Thyself is a good reminder that I am who I am.  I have a body with quirks...some of the quirks are new and I haven't gotten used to them yet.  Some of the quirks are as old as the rest of me.

So, huzzah for challenges.  Huzzah for finished projects.  And, huzzah for taking the time to learn something new.
The finished, re-created pants.  They fit just like the originals!

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EGunn said...

They look great! When drafting a pattern for the first time, wearable is a huge win, never mind comfortable.

Can't say that I'd be excited about a pants modeling shot from the back, either, but they do look like they fit well. =)