Friday, January 06, 2012

Fleece Blanket

After our wonderfully warm and cuddly Christmas blanket got put away for the season, my husband requested a warm and cuddly replacement blanket.

I just happened to have some fleece in my stash and in a few days pieced together this sunshine blanket.  It has been a hit!  It's warm, it's fuzzy....and if it falls to the floor I don't complain (as opposed to my nice, handwoven blanket that I dislike finding on the floor!).

We love sunshine!

The yellow rays are machine stitched to the red background.  The last piece was the central yellow disc.  The back is plain (no rays) with a second yellow disc.  The red fleece started life as a poncho for my father-in-law. Apparently it didn't work right for him and it was given to me (with neck hole nicely finished).  The sun does a great job of covering the neck hole (I did cut off the finished edging) and no one is the wiser--except you and me. :)

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