Sunday, January 01, 2012

Color Inspiration & Blending on a Drum Carder

I stumbled across a new-to-me website where four dyers have created a "Color Co-op".  Each of the four artists use the same photo as inspiration and interpret the photo with dyes on fiber and yarn.  Members of the co-op receive yarn or fiber from the different artists over time.  It sounded really cool!  

The top photo is the inspiration for their Jan.2012 colorways.   It inspired me!  In fact, I was already to hit the dyepots when I remembered that I had some blue wool in my stash.  "Some" turned out to be an understatement!  I had number of batches of blue in my stash!  The two main colors were  "brilliant blue" and an "aqua/turquoise" blue.  Instead of the dye pots, I pulled out the drum carder.

My first step was to identify some of the colors from the photo.  I used photoshop and the "eyedropper tool" to pick five colors from the photo.  Then I made a swatch where the amounts of each color were proportional to the amount of each color in the photo.  I created another swatch where I added a few more colors in the light range and then started my blending.

The basic blends are:

Sky blue:  pale pink; aqua & brilliant blue, white.
Med. blue: aqua & brilliant blue & some white.
Mountains blue: magenta, brilliant blue, and dark grey
Black: dark grey plus a bit of magenta & brilliant blue for visual depth
Water blue: aqua & brilliant blue, dark grey

Each roving was carded to open it up and make blending easier.  The weight of the wool for each color was calculated and the component colors were weighed.  Then the colors were blended (big sections like the sky and water were separated into multiple batts to fit on the carder).

The direct comparison between the original photo and the photo of my carded wool shows a marked difference in overall color.  The photo is much more uniform, almost monochromatic, purple/blue than my wools.  Aside from that, I am pleased with the variation in colors that blending produced.  I can easily imagine sky, mountains, something dark (a road perhaps) and then water from the wools.

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