Friday, December 02, 2011

Skeinsgiving -Strauch Petite

This "red, white, & blue" batt was my favorite.  The main fiber is a super soft wool.  It came out of Beth's huge fiber baskets and I didn't ask what was in it.  It is soft enough to be merino and I wonder if it has some angora in it.  I blended it with a tiny bit of white silk and added a touch of a blue wool and a touch of a pink/maroon wool.  It was so pretty!

The carder that I used was my favorite too: a Strauch Petite.  It was easy to crank, easy to clean, and made lovely batts (I fed the blue and pink through prior to adding them to the blend).  Ahhh.  It was very nice.  Guess what I've added to my wish list?

Thanks again to Beth at the Spinning Loft in Howell, MI for "Skeinsgiving" and the "Batt Bar".  It was great fun!

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