Friday, December 16, 2011

Alpaca Scarf

 This looks like the start of a weaving project.  Technically, it is the middle of a much larger project.  You see, a friend of mine owns alpacas.  Black, white, tan, beautiful alpacas! A year or two ago I talked her into giving me a bag of fiber so I could show her what could be done with the soft, wonderful stuff!  So I did.  I combed and carded and spun and knit and wove and gave her an idea of what could be done with her fibers.  This year, she sent the fibers off for processing.  The roving is luscious!  I spun 4oz of the tan and roughly 2oz each of the black and the white for this project.

 The scarf wove up quickly and I am pleased with how it turned out.  The tan yarn was set at 14 epi and the black and white together at 12 epi.  The structure is a simple 2/2 twill.  The ends have a twisted fringe, but no hemstitching.
I tried the scarf on and discovered a problem. It was scratchy!  See the culprit in the photo?  There are thicker hairs in the alpaca that I hadn't paid much attention to while I spun.  I should have paid attention!  I was able to pull many of them out of the finished scarf--which is a little disconcerting....can the whole thing be pulled apart fiber by fiber?  I think that these thicker hairs were easier to pull out because they were thicker and less tightly twisted into the yarn.  I hope so!

The alpaca scarf has gone to its new home where it will be loved by a mutual friend of both the alpaca owner and the weaver/spinner.

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